After several writings and re-writings of this scene, I am proud to present one of my favorite scenes so far in:

Ace and Echo Corps: Brothers Until the End.

Anxious to get as far from the storage level as possible, Ace took the lift to the upper hall, and into the piloting command station. However, he figured he shouldn't be there either. Hand on the control pad of the lift, he froze as he caught a flash of brown hair among the dullness of the room.

It can't be her, he thought.

He mechanically moved toward the exit door, his heartbeat elevated, painfully in his chest. His skin now prickled for an entirely different reason, and not something with which he was terribly familiar. He felt feverish, but unlike anything he had ever experienced before. It came on instrantaneously. His mouth was suddenly dry and his tongue tasted salty.

He moved in kind of a trance out the door. He could feel his hands go ice cold and start to shake.