The Alvonian coat of arms.

Alvonia is a nation located in southern Italy after a seperation movement in the early 80's. Their main ethnics are Italian and German. It is currently ruled by Markus Wilding and owns Alvonian Weapons Systems. They are rumored to have some form of relationship with Smith, although there is no proof of this yet. It is also rumored that Smith or the Ultranationalists have placed a puppet to rule in their name and to distract the 589. Markus Wilding has described Alvonia's government as "parliamentary dictatorship", explaining that if the Director wishes to do something, he must first gain permission from Parliament.


Alvonia formed itself under Kazimir Trentino, an Italian politician who wished to separate from the Italian Republic. After a breif civil war, Italy agreed to a compromise that placed Monte Cassino under Alvonian control, where it became the capital. From here, Kazimir Trentino ruled for about 10 years, being replaced by Kathrin Kirsch in late 1993. In the transition time between Kazimir and Kirsch, AWS was founded and began making weapons for the Alvonian Wehrmacht. Kirsch ended her term in 2010, with Markus Wilding taking charge. Alvonia also has a history of starting wars, evidenced by the 1984 invasion of Albania and the 1990 invasion of Libya.


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At present, Alvonia maintains a large and mostly mobilized armed force, dubbed the Wehrmacht, or "Armed Forces" in German. The Wehrmacht is a highly trained force and uses advanced AWS equipment, usually upgraded versions of most 589 weapons. Most Wehrmacht soldiers and officers appear to have a superiority complex, considering Alvonia a higher standard than other nations in the world. They also are highly paranoid of "outsiders" or those with mixed blood (German/Irish, for example).