The Badger A1's concept drawing with specifications and turret mounts

The Badger A1 is an Alvonian armored car, built by Alvonian Weapons Systems. It's initial creator was Sgt. Shidner of the Wehrmacht who created the concept drawing, and the creator of the 3D model and production overseer was an Alvonian politician named Baron Uberstein. It has been confirmed by AWS that it will be used for the Alvonian Wehrmacht only, and no foreign models are expected to be built.

Appearence and WeaponsEdit

The Badger A1 is a light recon vehicle intended for hit-and-run tactics. It's main armament is a 20mm cannon with rotating turret with three optional side-mounts. It uses a modified Tiger II engine and is capable of reaching highway speeds of 50 miles per hour. Off-road it manages about 37. The Badger is armored with 2 inches of titanium alloy and ERA plating, which is a closely guarded AWS secret metal and armor.