David Vidic
Nickname(s) none
Rank Officer
Affiliations Defiant staff
Birth Unknown
Weapon Custom plasma pistol


David Vidic is a character seen in the Task Force 589 story. He is a military instructor for the clones aboard the Defiant.


Vidic was a mercenary who worked for the highest bidder, which just happened to be General Quilix. He first appears watching a ragtag group of clones fail their test. After that he is seen abusing a clone in the storage level. He finally punches the clone, trying to provoke the innocent clone to punch him back. Little does he know that Ace is right behind him, seething in rage at what he just did. Ace then looses control and beats him until he goes unconscious. He then leaves the job, saying that it is not worth it, leaving Ace to train the ragtag group to pass their second chance at passing the test.


Vidic only cared about himself and when he got paid. He was extremely blunt and never liked anyone he met. His mind was slightly changed about his "toughness" after being stood up to by Ace.


  • "You are a worthless piece of slime! You and you team should be sent to the laboratories and be used as test subjects."
  • "Oh yeah? Who are they gonna believe? Huh? A worthless, failed clone or respectable David Vidic?"
  • "It's all over for you, the only thing you can do now is get revenge and punch me back. Which will get you sent out of here faster than anything. So come on, hit me!"


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