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This is the first day of the Zombie Resistance.

Introductions at the BunkerEdit

The survivors run into each other in an abandoned fallout shelter in North Carolina. Most of them only have melee weapons such as fire axes, night sticks, baseball bats, and frying pans. However, Tyler has a pair of Scanner Goggles that he found in a nearby crate in the military shelter. Köhlerschmidt knows of a safehouse where there are weapons and equipment they can use to fend off the Infected and survive. They all agree to go together to the safehouse for the weapons.

The Trip to the SafehouseEdit


Saferoom door

First Encounter: The "Vitch"Edit

Köhlerschmidt hears a "Vitch" and orders everyone to turn off their flashlights. Köhlerschmidt quickly explains what a "Vitch" is and proceeds to kill it, only to startle her in the process. The four open fire on her and sucessfully kill her before proceeding. They continue on, taking a short break as Köhlerschmidt explains the five other Infected mutations, including the Witch.

The New WeaponsEdit

This record is incomplete.

The Return to the BunkerEdit

After acquiring their new weapons, the four return to the bunker after Tyler mentions that they "won't last five seconds up here".

First Wave: The Smoker and CompanyEdit

This record is incomplete.

Second Wave: Every Jockey and his brother...Edit

This record is incomplete.

Lull in combatEdit

This record is incomplete.

Third Wave: The Charge of the Not-so-light BrigadeEdit

The lull in combat ends when Keith notices an Infected that "looks like a bee stung his arm".

Fourth Wave: Tanks-A-LotEdit

When Köhlerschmidt mentioned tanks were coming, it sounded good. Until he figures out that they aren't military tanks...

Fifth Wave:Edit

This record is incomplete.

Sixth Wave:Edit

This record is incomplete.

Seventh Wave:Edit

This record is incomplete.

Eighth Wave:Edit

This record is incomplete.

Tyler's Conclusions and The Final Decision to go to Washington D.C.Edit

As the team finds themselves in a lull from the fighting, The survivors begin to discuss their own observations on the behavior of the Infected.