Hitman wearing his signature short-brimmed fedora.
Nickname(s) Hitman, Frosty2
Rank Corporal
Affiliations Task Force 589, unidentified team
Birth Unknown
Weapon Bat, fists, M1911, Raider CS-35, anything he can get his hands on


Hitman is a character seen in a few the Task Force 589 missions. He helped out the Task Force when Ace and Dunn weren't available. He didn't necessarily want to work there, but by the time he was done, he had befriended a few people.


Hitman is the melee weapons specialist of the Task Force 589. He is an ex-criminal. He used to be a professional bank robber and con-man. When he was finally cornered by the police he made a deal with the federal officers to put his abilities to a good use and work for them. He worked in the FBI white collar division before being transferred to the 589.


For now, it is unknown what missions he will appear in.


Hitman's personality is very sarcastic, aggressive and full of himself. He sometimes talks about his mysterious "other team" but the others of the 589 don't question him about it. He usually wears a signature short-brimmed fedora and uses an aluminum bat.


  • "What are you doing here?! (Boss: I thought you might need some back up.) (Hitman looks at Boss bewildered) ........Back up?!"
  • (Ghost: You had it under control did you?) "Yeah, I did actually...."
  • "Alright, we're cleared hot. Ready to rock."
  • "As long as we can take 'em out faster than they can sent 'em at us, we'll come out on top. (Boss: Haha, I love your simple logic Hitman.)"


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