Private Dunn
Private Dunn
Nickname(s) FNG, Dunn, Delta 2
Rank PFC
Affiliations Task Force 589, US Marines
Birth Unknown
Weapon Modified Raider CS-35


Dunn is a character seen in a few the Task Force 589 missions. He helped out the Task Force when Ace wasn't available.


Dunn is not a special operations agent and does not have the special operations training. He is however, a US Marine so he is pretty tough and is ready for action.


Dunn was in Operation Blackout and Operation Ultimatum. He filled in until Ace was rescued.


Dunn's personality is repectful to his authorities and is always ready for cambat.


  • "Hi, I'm Private Dunn. You are Ghost I assume?"
  • "Oh boy, we got a problem. Tank at twelve o'clock."


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