Markus Wilding
Biographical information
BirthplaceMonte Cassino, Italy/Alvonia
Birth dateApril 14th, 1973
Death dateAlive
Physical description
Weight210 pounds
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationAlvonian Wehrmacht, Alvonia
RankCorporal (Wehrmacht), Director of Alvonia
SpecialtyStrong-arm Politics
BattlesSee missions

Markus Wilding is a character important to the 589 storyline. He is Alvonia's current director.


Markus Wilding was born in Monte Cassino in 1973, to Marcel and Kerstin Wilding. At the age of 20, he joined the Alvonian Wehrmacht. According to his dossier, he served in the Alvonian Wehrmacht's 243. Infanterie Division (mot.) in Operation Scalpel. He served two tours of duty (approximately 6 years) before ending his military career after a traumatizing ambush in Sicily. Despite his military service, his political affiliations and actions have made Alvonia strictly neutral to the point of pacifism, with limited, if any, military involvements with the world. In his personal home in Messina, Markus keeps several AWS weapons under lock and key, including a version of his service rifle. Simply having them because of his fascination with the inner workings of them.



So far, there is only one quote directly from Markus Wilding. The quote itself is the fragments of a speech Markus made in response to Ultranationalist aggression against the LDN and Alvonia.

  • "...furthermore, this is a warning, not a threat...Parliament is united on this issue...You would be wise not to make us your enemy."

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