Midnight with Night Stalker behind him.
Nickname(s) Midnight
Rank Private
Affiliations GSG9, ISF, Task Force 589
Birth unknown
Weapon Trooper CS-18, Nite Finder EX-3


Midnight is a character that participates in many missions and some solo missions. He is usually never seen and operates away from the main squad of the Task Force 589. He is usually seen with a Trooper CS-18, and a Nite Finder EX-3.


Midnight is a minor member of the Task Force 589. He is Night Stalker's right-hand man. He eliminates hidden targets and does it stealthily. Midnight is a newer member of the team. He usually does not socialize very much with the rest of the Task Force, but keeps to himself. Although he keeps to himself, he is an expert with stealth and good soldier. Qualities the others don't expect from him. He studies how the human brain reacts to certain challenges. With this ability, he can use what he knows to make his enemies go insane with fear and make bad choices. He also has a talent for computer hacking, which comes in very handy.


Midnight has participated in many missions, and a few solo missions. He seems to disappear with Night Stalker in missions and always seems to return by the end.


Midnight is a fairly mysterious soldier like his mentor, Night Stalker. He however, talks more than Night Stalker.