"Night Stalker"
Corporal "Night Stalker"
Nickname(s) Night Stalker
Rank Corporal
Affiliations GSG9, Task Force 589
Birth unknown
Weapon Deploy CS-6,Maverick, Secret Strike


Night Stalker is a character that participates in all missions and some solo missions. He is usually never seen and operates away from the squad. He is usually seen with a Deploy CS-6, Secret Strike, and a Maverick.


Night Stalker may seem unimportant to Task Force 589, but is a great help. He usually sneaks around searching for enemies. He eliminates hidden targets and does it stealthily. Night Stalker is the one of the oldest members of the squad. He usually does not socialize with the rest of the squad, but keeps to himself. It is rumored that his family was killed by terrorists and he pledged death to them. Many believe he is traumatized and slightly psychopathic. Night Stalker also has an "apprentice" of sorts, Midnight.


Night Stalker has participated in most missions, and several solo missions that the rest of the squad does not know much about. He seems to disappear in missions and always returns at the end.


Night Stalker is the mysterious soldier. he has never been seen talking, except when Chipmunk swore he saw him in a room, beating a Russian with his Maverick and screaming in Russian.


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