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Third Discussion of Events
Operation Blackout
The old warehouse Ace and Ghost scout from.
Task Force 589
Ghost, Ace, Dunn
Task Force 589
Recon CS-6, Longstrike CS-6, Longshot MOD
Day 9
Discover the whereabouts of Imran Zakhaev
Opfor, Ultranationalists

Operation Blackout is the seventh mission conducted by Task Force 589. It includes Ace, Ghost, and Private Dunn. The team leader is Ace, but then switches to Ghost after Ace is captured.

Pre-op IntelEdit

The main objective in this mission is to recon Imran Zakhaev's location. It starts out with Ace and Ghost looking at a house across the street with binoculars. Ghost and Ace take out some guards out on the ground. Then a man in a suit walks down the street which startles them both. They assume he is a civilian until he walks up to an Ultranationalist officer and shoots him with a Maverick. Then the man disappears. Ghost stays in the room while Ace goes to search the other rooms. Ghost watches intently on the street below, but Agent Smith comes up to him from behind and knocks him out. While he is searching a room, Agent Smith sneaks up behind him and points a Maverick at his head. Ace is taken captive and command sends in an F.N.G. to see what happened named Private Dunn. Dunn helps Ghost to his feet and they find a note that is from Agent Smith. After that, they have a hard contact with some russian soldiers and a tank. Dunn takes an RPG-7 and shoots the tank. Then he grabs the Vulcan EBF-25 and starts firing on the enemies while Ghost snipes them. Then they call Nikolai, who brings a helecoptor to their location. They jump out the window and into the chopper. The mission ends with them escaping safely.

Pre-op PrepEdit

Since the operation is in progress, this section is classified.



Weapon LoadoutsEdit


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