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Operation Fallout
Operation Burn Notice
Outside the WHITE base.
Task Force 589
Ghost, Boss, Dunn, Scout
Task Force 589
Standard AWS Equipment
Search the WHITE HQ for clues about where Agent Smith took Ace
Remnants of Al-Asad's army, WHITE mercenary guards

Operation Burn Notice is the eight mission conducted by Task Force 589.

Pre-Op PrepEdit

With info gained from previous missions, Ghost, Boss and Dunn explore a WHITE base that is believed to contain intel on the location of Smith.

Infiltration and ExposureEdit

After entering the base, Ghost, Boss and Dunn wander around the building, looking for the computer mainframe. After an exchange on the history of WHITE and RED, they find the mainframe and download it's contents to a DSM, but not before a WHITE guard finds them and is shot by Boss and Dunn. This sets off an alarm and the three try to escape, with WHITE guards shooting both rockets and grenade launchers at them. One of the rockets hits a fueling station, and it lights the area on fire with gas seeping everywhere.


To add to the gas, a fire is light and it reaches another fueling station, which manages to cause an even bigger explosion. Ghost, Boss and Dunn make it to the blast doors, but only Boss and Dunn can get through in time. Ghost gives Boss the DSM and sacrifices himself as the doors close.

Scout's Entrance and the Search for GhostEdit

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Exfil and Nikolai's OpinionEdit

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See Operation Burn Notice/Transcript

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