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Operation Danger Close
Dmitri Antonov surrendering to Task Force 589.
Task Force 589
Ghost, Boss, Ace, Chipmunk
Task Force 589
Recon CS-6, Vulcan EBF-25, Longstrike CS-6, Longshot MOD
Outside Moscow, Russia
Day 8
Escort Antonov to the extraction point
Opfor, Ultranationalists

Operation Danger Close is the sixth mission carried out by the Task Force 589. It is the pick-up and transportation of a defecting Ultranationalist officer, Dmitri Antonov.


After Victor Zakhaev is killed, Dmitri Antonov appears in their HQ. Although Boss and Ace are instantly suspicious, Ghost alerts the rest of the tema that he's defecting. After a breif exchange, Ghost finds out that Imran's new plan is as follows: He plans to shut down the U.S.'s cyber systems, then run the oil pipelines back to their original source, where they will explode from the pressure. Realizing the danger of thier situation, they quickly begin escorting Dmitri to the landing zone.

Walking in a Lethal WonderlandEdit

Ghost, Boss, Ace and Chipmunk head to the rear part of the HQ, where Ultranationalists are spotted already in the night. Boss spots a female Ultranationalist officer directing an RPG team, and comments on her attractiveness. Ghost and Ace warn him to get his head back to the mission as Ace orders Chipmunk to snipe her. However, the two get into an argument, and Ghost tells Boss to take the shot. Boss takes aim, but for some reason cannot take the shot. Chipmunk takes the shot, but the officer turns out to be a T-4 copy. Boss takes it down as Ghost calls for extraction. As help arrives, Boss picks up several fighter jets coming in and tells the pilot to get out of there, even shooting at him to force the issue. The pilot does so, saving Dmitri at the cost of stranding the team in hostile territory. Night falls upon the team as they attempt to figure out a way to get out of enemy lines. This is not helped by the fact that there are numerous airplanes, tanks and foot units looking for their position.

The BomberEdit

With nothing left to lose, the squad "borrow" an Ultranationalist bomber and attempt to fly it to a safe zone closer to Western Europe. This idea quickly falls apart as they are shot down near the Russia-Poland border and even more soldiers are arriving on their position. Ace calls Nikolai, and the team escapes.


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