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Operation Fallout
Russian Base
Task Force 589
Boss, Dunn, Scout
Task Force 589
Standard AWS Equipment
Infiltrate Major Petrov's airbase for clues on Smith

Operation Fallout is the ninth mission carried out by the 589. It involves infiltrating a Russian airbase in Siberia and interrorgating Major Petrov.

Pre-Op PrepEdit

Moving stealthily through the blizzard, the three make their way to the hanger.

"Plan B"Edit

Boss sets charges on the fueling station, while Chipmunk, Chainer and Sweetwater watch and begin planting more bombs.

The HangarEdit

Dunn and Scout begin looking for clues on where Smith took Ace until Boss is discovered by Petrov and his forces.

Interrogation of PetrovEdit

With Petrov secured, Dunn begins interrorgating him, eventually revealing where Smith took Ace.


With Petrov dead, Scout, Dunn and Boss make their way to the extraction point to head to Chernobyl, with Chainer and the rest of the Echo Corps already cleared the way to Nikolai's plane.


See Operation Fallout/Transcript

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