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Second Discussion of Events
Operation Hercules
The Favela
Task Force 589
Chainer, Ace, Chipmunk, Sweetwater
Task Force 589
Standard AWS Equipment, Thermal Detonators, EMP Missile, DC-15A, DC-15S
Rojas's Bunker, Brazil
Day 6
Escape the Favela alive
Brazilian Militia, T-4 Warrior Droids

Operation Hercules is the fourth operation carried out by Task Force 589. It is the escape of the Favela and transfer of knowledge to Command. Ace, Sweetwater, Boss, Chainer and Chipmunk make appearences. Chainer is also the squad leader.

Escaping the FavelaEdit

It begins with the 589 in Rojas' safehouse, preparing for the final assault and the extraction. Sweetwater and Chainer put on clone armor, and after a brief exchange, all four head up to face the wave of incoming Militia. After a firefight, the Miltia stop attacking and T4 Warrior Droids begin attacking. The squad quickly realize they can't do much of anything to stop them, until Sweetwater finds an EMP switch. Chainer hits it and the droids stop their attack, downed by the EMP.

Sweetwater and Chipmunk stay behind to snipe incoming Militia getting into position while Chainer and Ace scout out to find out more about the T4s. After a while, they reunite and continue the attack.


After another wave of Militia, Chainer calls for Nikolai to extract the team. Unfortunately, his Pave Low is hit by an RPG and Nikoali must help defend as the Echo Corps arrive to exfil the team. After another round of Militia attacks, the Echo Corps arrive and exfil the team.


Weapon LoadoutsEdit

Transcript Edit

See Operation Hercules/Transcript

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