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Operation Scorpion's Sting
Xarles Clouter's castle.
Task Force 589
Ace, Boss, Ghost, Chipmunk
Task Force 589
Standard AWS Equipment
Capture Xarles Clouter.

Operation Scorpion's Sting is the eleventh mission conducted by Ace, Boss, Chipmunk, and Ghost.

Pre-op IntelEdit

Xarles Cloutier is holed up in a castle which he uses as a base for local militia operations and an Ultranationalist control point. This mission would most likely have Boss, Chipmunk, Ace and Ghost. Radios will probably be used to keep in contact.

Pre-op PrepEdit

Ace and Ghost infiltrated earlier than the rest of the team to scout out the area in advance and set up a forward command post.

The BridgeEdit

The team meet up at a bridge crossing a river to the rest of France. Xarles' castle is situated atop a steep hill with heavy forest surrounding it. After a briefing, the team set out only to be targeted by a sniper across the river, in an Ultranationalist barracks building. The team take cover behind the trees as Chipmunk eliminates the sniper. With the sniper dead, they begin going up the long, winding path to the castle. Ghosts notes a distinct lack of Russian patrols.

The OverlookEdit

The team approach a protected cliff where below Ultranationalist soldiers can be seen. Boss hacks into their comms and finds out that they are headed to Xarles' castle to check in with the now dead sniper. Ace and Boss open fire on the Russians as Chipmunk and Ghost keep watch for any other patrols.


Weapon LoadoutsEdit


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