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Operation Hercules
Operation Takedown
Fighting in the Favela
Task Force 589
Chainer, Ace, Chipmunk, Sweetwater
Task Force 589
Standard AWS Equipment, Thermal Detonators, Flash-Bangs
Rojas's Bunker, Brazil
Day 5
Find the special weapons mentioned in the e-mail to Faust

Capture and interrogate Alejandro Rojas.

Brazilian Militia

Operation Takedown is the third mission conducted by Sweetwater, Ace and Chainer (Chainer taking the place of Boss). It also introduces the newest member, "Chipmunk".

Pre-op IntelEdit

Ghost, being the radio op, got a relay from Command telling him that he, Ace and Chainer were to infiltrate a favela in Rio de Janero and search for possible hiding places of Alejandro Rojas. Ghost and Chainer infiltrated earlier than the rest of the Task Force and searched the first safehouse, finding his assistant named Faust and taking a bullet to the leg, making him unable to assist for the rest of the operation. Sweetwater, Chipmunk, Boss and Ace found the second safehouse and searched it for Rojas.

Pre-op PrepEdit

Ace, Chainer, Chipmunk and Sweetwater infiltrate early, establishing an HQ and setting up an armory. After weapons are picked out and modified to various likings, they set off with Chainer and Sweetwater in front. Militia quickly begin shooting as Chainer lays down suppresive fire with the Vulcan. The short firefight ends quickly and the four watch a meeting with Rojas and a man in a WW1 German uniform with a gas mask on. They note Rojas speaking of a "special weapons" shipment and agree to search the safehouse before it arrives.

The SafehouseEdit

The four infiltrate Rojas' safehouse, cutting the power and using the darkness to cover themselves using tactical lights. Finding no resistance, they search Rojas' armory, finding everything from new Russian AKs to a driod head, setting off Ace and Chainer's senses. Sweetwater, messing about as always, finds a laptop containing Rojas' documents and shipping manifests, including a mention of an "Agent Smith". The squad can't dwell on this for long ,as Rojas enters the safehouse and is quikcly taken down. Ace and Sweetwater stay behind to interrorgate Rojas while Chainer and Chipmunk scout the area out. After Rojas is interrorgated, he is left for the streets to handle.


The four must now defend their HQ from an incoming Militia attack, this time supported with T-4 Warrior Droids. Lacking Vulcan ammo (the explosive rounds had been expended earlier in the mission) they must rely on their current weaponry and grenade launchers to deal with the droids. After a long firefight, it ends and all falls silent, leaving the team take a break - for a while at least, as they need to be on their toes while the Militia attack throughout the night.


Weapon LoadoutsEdit


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