Spectre without his stealth suit on.
Nickname(s) Spectre
Rank Private
Affiliations CIA, Task Force 589
Birth unknown
Weapon Glock 30


Spectre is a character that participates in many missions. He is usually never seen and operates away from the main team. He is usually seen with his high-tech laptop, his also high-tech cellphone, and a Glock 30.


Spectre is a minor member of the Task Force 589. He is the technical specialist in Night Stalker's team. He hacks into enemy computers to turn on a loop or simply turn off security cameras. Spectre is a newer member of the team. He usually does not socialize very much with the rest of the team, but keeps to himself and his devices. He also has a very prominent talent for computer hacking, which comes in very handy.


Spectre has participated in many missions, helping the team do their job. Whatever they need him to do, he can do it.


Spectre is a fairly nerdy technical operator. He once hacked into the NASA database by accident.....on his mobile device! He doesn't think his talents are special, but he looses his cool and freaks out when under fire. When asked about a girlfriend he simply replied saying that the only tpye of girl he would ever date would be like Velma from Scooby-Doo.