The Terror and Crime Syndicate of Portugal is a terrorist and crime group based in Portugal. According to an LDN internal report, they are a serious threat to Portugal's stability.

Activities and LocationEdit

The Syndicate, according to HUMINT and SATINT (HUMan INTtelligence and SATtellite INTelligence respectively) are located primarily in Castelo Branco, Castro Verde and Vila Flor, all in the southwestern part of Portugal. Criminal activities include car theft, "chop shop" operations, armed robbery, corporate espionage, money laundering, "salami shaving" (the act of taking small amounts from millions of bank accounts), online banking operations, assassinations, and soldiers for hire. Funds from these activities are then reinvested into legitimate companies, turning an even higher profit. These funds are then used to purchase military-grade weapons from the black market. Most recruits have been broken out of prisons all over the world.

The Syndicate's FistEdit

The Syndicate's Fist is the paramilitary wing of the Brotherhood, usually dealing with the defense of the Syndicate's bases of operation and participating in armed robbery. The Fist operates with the AK-series of firearms and has been known to steal armored bank transports to reuse, usually with large-calibur machine guns mounted on top. Civilian SUVs are also modified in this manner. Fist "soldiers" also tend to be protected by stolen light police-grade body armor, but some of the wealthier have been known to possess military-grade body armor. In spite of this impressive armament, only some are actually trained; most are just prison thugs.

Known Members and AffiliationsEdit


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