"Threat level is now RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!"
Dr. Köhlerschmidt startling the Witch

41px|left- Witch sounds

The Witch is a character seen in Zombies. She is a female Infected adversely affected by the Infection. She usually appears wearing little clothing and with long, sharp claw-like fingernails. Witch encounters are rare, as most Witches are speculated by Dr. Richtofen to be either depressed females or intensely emotional at the time of infection.

Extent of MutationsEdit

Extracted from Dr. Richtofen's notes, the Witch is normally a passive-agressive Infected, normally sitting in one place and sobbing uncontrollably. When startled, however, the Witch can and will kill whoever startled her. After she has done this, she will run away with her hands over her face and disappear, to never be seen again. When about to be startled, she will growl. When close to being startled, she will growl and let out short screams and when completely "startled" she will stand up, extend her arms out to the sides and scream before attacking her provoker.

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