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"I have not come this far to die now."
Ethan Hunt to Dr. Erik Köhlerschmidt

The Zombie Resistance is a small, four-man group of zombie apocalypse survivors who come from all over the world.


Ethan Hunt - (STATUS: Alive) - Former FBI agent who used to live in Washingtion D.C.

Dr. Erik Köhlerschmidt - (STATUS: Alive) - Sociopathic former C.E.D.A. scientist who studied the infection before meeting the others.

Harrison "Keith" Fletcher - (STATUS: Alive) - Former Nashville, Tennessee resident who always tells stories about his friend, Sweetwater.

Tyler VanGuilder - (STATUS: Alive) - Seems to be the techie of the group. Uses his stolen, military UAV schematic goggles to watch the infected's movement near by.

Nick DiZetticci - (STATUS: Alive) - Newer member of the team, Nick is known for his sick sense of humor and sarcasm.

Current StatusEdit

For now, the survivors are in North Carolina. They hope to find a way to Washington D.C. but have no means of travel yet. They are currently fighting to find a way to go.


The Infected seem to have reverted to a primal cognitive state, as they will attempt to kill or incapacitate any survivor through melee attacks. The infection seems to have different effects on different specimens.

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